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馃殌 v1.4.9.3 (Jul 19, 2021)

  • Fix a bug which caused by missing gitalk.enable in config template.
  • Now default using gitalk as comment.

馃殌 v1.4.9.2 (Jul 16, 2021)

  • Fix a bug which caused by missing "socials" in config template.
  • Attention: you need to add at least one default social media list in config template.

馃殌 v1.4.9.1 (May 20, 2021)

  • Add aplayer to play remote musics. Now only support NetEase Cloud Music. Add the code to theme config:
# APlayer, now only support netease music list
  # Enable aplayer
  enable: true
  # Music list ID
  musiclist: ""

馃殌 v1.4.9 (Apr 8, 2021)

  • Add custom social platform for 3rdparty authors. This time support 3 platforms. You should add the following code in the fromt-meta of your article:
        link: social platform link
        name: the iconfont you want to use, for example: icon-bilibili-fill
        path: the css file of your iconfont, for example: /css/font_bilibili/iconfont.css

馃殌 v1.4.8 (Apr 8, 2021)

  • Add police beian
  • Modify beian fomat
  • Add the following code in your theme config file:
# This function is only used for those that server is located in China. If your server is located in outside China, you do not need to add the following code.
# Enable
  enable: true
# Beian location锛宖or example锛氱菠ICP澶
# Beian ID锛宖or example锛2021022134鍙枫

# Police Beian
# Enable
  enable: true
# Beian location锛宖or example: 绮ゅ叕缃戝畨澶
# Beian ID, for example: 44010602009049鍙
# Beian Icon, for example: /img/beian.png

馃殌 v1.4.7 (Mar 31, 2021)

  • Bug fix:
    • Now "preview" for the other article can correctly take effect now

馃殌 v1.4.6 (Mar 31, 2021)

  • Add beian ID锛欰dd the following code in your theme config file:
# This function is only used for those that server is located in China. If your server is located in outside China, you do not need to add the following code.
# Enable
beian: true
# Beian location锛宖or example锛氱菠ICP澶
# Beian ID锛宖or example锛2021022134鍙
  • Custom 3rdparty author锛歛dd the following code in the front-matter of your markdown file锛
title: example
author: 3rdparty author name
is3rdparty: true
  page: https://example
avatar: /example.jpg
slogan: example
  • Custom gitalk proxy server to avoid 403 error锛宎dd the following code in your theme config file:
# Upper is gitalk config code
  • Add custom mouse effect and custom mouse style, add the following code in your theme config file:
# Enable custom mouse style
  enable: true
# Default style
  default: /default.png
# Hover sytle
  pointer: /hover.png

馃殌 v1.4.5 (Jan 22, 2021)


  • Changed the fonts links from using to using (which is hosted by 360, it's more stable). This changes will improve the website from loading up faster.

馃殌 v1.4.4 (Sep 16, 2020)

Fixed couple of issues, get ready for some new features! Here thank you all for the 300+ stars so far, I will keep working on improving this theme! 鉂わ笍

Bug fixes 馃悰

  • Fixed when the order list text goes over one line, the number indicator and the text does not stay on the same line.
  • Fixed when the unorder list text goes over one line, the dot indicator and the text does not stay on the same line.
  • Fixed image caption repeat itself when the caption name repeats or it's empty.

馃殌 v1.4.3 (Nov 13, 2019)

Added MathJax support! Also fixed a few issues here and there, smoothen the animation on article pages.


  • Added MathJax support.


  • TOC now only loads up to level 3, this changes fixed the bug when TOC goes over 3 levels the content will overflowing out of the container. (#20)
  • Smoothen the animations for article pages.

馃殌 v1.4.2 (Nov 11, 2019)

馃帀 Obsidian theme now comes with search feature! Horray! Hope you guys love this update!


  • Added the mostly requested feature, local site search!

The search feature is base on the index generated by hexo-generator-search, So you need to install this plugin before you can use the search feature.

Installation guide

Install by npm

$ npm install hexo-generator-search --save

Adding the plugin config in your root _config.yml

  path: search.xml
  field: post
  content: true

Regenrate files

hexo clean && hexo g

Happy blogging! 鉂わ笍

馃殌 v1.4.1 (Nov 9, 2019)

Shipped a complete redesigned archives page UI andenhanced modern link style! Stay being awesome 馃懡!


  • Complete redesigned Archives page!
  • Added fade in transition for all pages!
  • Archives page now also allow custom header name config!

Check out the example theme config below

# Page custom titles
  categories: 'Categories'
  tags: 'Tags'
  archives: 'Archived'


  • New link styles for all pages!
  • Redesigned the Read full article button for home page!

馃殌 v1.4.0 (Nov 8, 2019)

馃帀 Lets celebrate the new Categories and Tags page UI Now the categories page support multi-levels! Hope you guys love this update! 鉂わ笍


  • Added a icon logo display next to the original logo (Which was just a word).
  • New icon logo has a spinning effect when you come back to the top of the page!
  • Complete new Categories and Tags page UI with multi-level categories support! (#12)
  • English fonts changed to google's Rubik fonts, now looks way more awesome!
  • Added pages title custom title name, can be changed in theme config file.

Page custom titles

# Page custom titles
  categories: 'Categories'
  tags: 'Tags'

Changes 馃挜

  • All navigation bars added shadows to standout a bit more, well just to look more awesome!
  • Article page navigation home icon changed to the icon logo of the site.

馃殌 v1.3.5 (Nov 4, 2019)

Code block styles and color syntax looks way more awesome now! OMG锛丠ope you all enjoy this update锛鉂わ笍

Changes 馃挜

  • Loader leaving added smoother transition effect.
  • Changed code highlighting plugin, swapped highlight.js with codemirror to have a better color syntax. A more IDE like syntax! (#6)
  • Restyled the code block, now looks even more professional!
  • Complete rewritten TOC css styles, added a pulsing active ball to the current title. Also fixed the clicking space glitchy issue. (#13)

Bug fixes 馃悰

  • Fixed a few icon position problems.
  • Fixed article nav bar subtitle overflowing issue.
  • Fixed a few font-family issue here and there.

馃殌 v1.3.4 (Oct 24, 2019)

Changes 馃挜

  • Enhanced web app UI responsive styles.
  • Enhanced ul and ol UI styles.

Bug fixes 馃悰

  • Fixed font page link styles.
  • Fixed TOC title too long cause overflowing.
  • Fixed header with link on hover text.

馃殌 v1.3.3 (Oct 23, 2019)


  • Added social sharing feature - share.js

Changes 馃挜

  • Changed the loading icon to Load Awesome's la-ball-atom. - Load Awesome

馃殌 v1.3.2 (Oct 21, 2019)

Changes 馃挜

  • Changed the font color of *word* (italic) font in post content.

Bug fixes 馃悰

  • Home page added first post reacting height, if the first post's height is higher than the window height, it will react to it's content's full height.

馃殌 v1.3.1 (Oct 18, 2019)


  • Added busuanzi site statistic support.

Changes 馃挜

  • Changed view count support base on comment plugin.

Bug fixes 馃悰

  • Fixed when article categories are empty, generating files failed.
  • Fixed responsive style problems.

馃殌 v1.3.0 (Oct 18, 2019)

Upgraded UI, a much more smooth and elegant look!


  • Added post category display next to post date!

Changes 馃挜

  • Regraded overall UI, looks much more smooth and elegant.
  • Added water waves for the reading tracking ball! 馃數
  • Upgraded all the control icons.`
  • Replenished the playing tracking effect.
  • Replenished all the responsive styles
  • Css changed to use stylus instead of traditional css, for easier editing.
  • Moved all the plugin js and css to CDN, to speed up blog start up speed.

Bug fixes 馃悰

  • Fixed the language problem with loading more.
  • Fixed the article comments are same for all articles.

馃殌 v1.2.0 (Oct 15, 2019)

Enhanced bunch of features and add bunch of fun stuffs. Hope you all enjoy them!


  • Added English language support! Hooray锛
  • Home page added "Read article" so it's more clear that it's just a summary, click to read full article.
  • Added back to top button, also with a fun progress tracking effect!
  • Footer theme added theme version display.
  • Article added a parameter to set the number of characters this particular article should keep.

Changes 馃挜

  • Added sticky effect for both home page and article page navigation bar, with auto hide when scroll, allow reading with less undistraction.
  • Re-added google analytics js, which was removed before.
  • Article top progress bar is enlarged to more catch eyeballs.

Bug fixes 馃悰

  • Fixed slogan height shaking issue.
  • Fixed screen flashes when scrolling.

馃殌 v1.1.0 (Oct 12, 2019)

Added a few more features and enhanced a bit here and there. Have fun and enjoy blogging! 鉂わ笍


  • Added Valine comment plugin support.
  • Article page enhanced TOC style and feature.
  • Article page added user profile box.
  • Added Article view count.

Changes 馃挜

  • Article page changed to grid layout.
  • Article page changed to two column layout, now with sidebar.

馃殌 v1.0.0 (Oct 10, 2019)


  • Very first complete version of the theme