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jquery.inplaceForm is a collection of jQuery plugins that simplify inplace form
* jquery.inplaceListAdder *
inplaceListAdder is a plugin allowing for AJAX additions to lists like
comments, todo items, etc. It has three modes: insert, append, and prepend.
$('#myform').inplaceListAdder('#mylist', options);
Options (and their defaults):
mode: 'insert', //insert, append, prepend
loadingImage: $.inplaceForm.defaultImage,
iframe: false, //submit form in an iframe?
submit: function(){},
success: function(newItem){return true;},
postsuccess: function(newItem){},
error: function(errorDict){return true;},
loadingSelector: '.loading',
cancelSelector: '.cancel',
errorSelectors:{} //key value pairs: { ErrorKey: '#selectorForError' }
* jquery.inplaceListAdder *
inplaceListEditor is a plugin for editing list items (comments, etc.) in
* jquery.bindsaveForm *
bindsaveForm will bind ctrl+s to your forms.