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"""reStructuredText document tree Writer."""
__docformat__ = 'reStructuredText'
import textwrap
import docutils
from docutils import frontend, nodes, utils, writers, languages, io
from docutils.transforms import writer_aux
from docutils.utils.error_reporting import SafeString
from docutils.utils.math import unichar2tex, pick_math_environment
from docutils.utils.math.latex2mathml import parse_latex_math
from docutils.utils.math.math2html import math2html
except ImportError:
from docutils.error_reporting import SafeString
from docutils.math import unichar2tex, pick_math_environment
from docutils.math.latex2mathml import parse_latex_math
from docutils.math.math2html import math2html
class Options(object):
"""Options for rst to rst conversion."""
def __init__(self):
self.title_chars = [u'#', u'*', u'=', u'-', u'^', u'"']
"""List of symbols used to underline and overline titles.
List indices are "heading level - 1", i.e. at index 0 is the symbol
used to underline/overline "H1".
self.title_prefix = [u'', u'\n', u'', u'', u'', u'']
"""List of prefixes before title and overline (typically, blank lines).
Indices represent heading level.
self.title_suffix = [u'\n\n'] * 6
"""List of suffixes after title and underline (typically, blank lines).
Indices represent heading level.
self.title_overline = [True, True, False, False, False, False]
"""List of booleans specifying whether to overline the title or not.
List indices represent heading level.
self.indentation_char = u' '
"""Character used for indentation.
Should be space or tab. Default is space.
self.blockquote_indent = 2
"""Indentation level for blockquotes."""
self.wrap_length = 79
"""Wrap length, i.e. maximum text width, as number of chararcters."""
self.bullet_character = ['*'] * 6
"""List of symbols used for bullet lists."""
class Writer(writers.Writer):
supported = ('txt') # Formats this writer supports.
config_section = 'rst writer'
config_section_dependencies = ('writers',)
def __init__(self):
self.translator_class = RSTTranslator
self.options = Options()
def translate(self):
self.visitor = self.translator_class(self.document, self.options)
self.output = self.visitor.astext()
class RSTTranslator(nodes.NodeVisitor):
"""RST writer."""
optional = (
def __init__(self, document, options):
self.options = options
nodes.NodeVisitor.__init__(self, document)
# Document parts.
self.header = []
self.title = []
self.subtitle = []
self.body = []
self.footer = []
# Context helpers.
self.section_level = 0
"""Current section/title level, starting at 0.
Section level is incremented/decremented during :py:meth:`visit_title`
and :py:meth:`depart_title`.
self._indentation_levels = [0]
"""Stack of current indentation level.
See also :py:attr:`indentation_level`, :py:meth:`indent` and
self._indent_first_line = [u'']
self.spacer = ''
"""Buffer (string) that is to be inserted between two elements.
The spacer isn't always inserted. As an example, it is not inserted at
the end of the document.
The spacer is typically assigned on depart_*() and inserted on next
element's visit_*().
self.list_level = 0
"""Current level in nested lists."""
def indentation(self):
"""Return current indentation as unicode."""
return self.options.indentation_char * sum(self._indentation_levels)
def initial_indentation(self):
"""Return current first-line indentation as unicode."""
if self._indent_first_line[-1] is None:
return self.indentation
return self._indent_first_line[-1]
def indentation_level(self):
"""Return current indentation level."""
return self._indentation_levels[-1]
def indent(self, levels, first_line=None):
"""Increase indentation by ``levels`` levels."""
def dedent(self):
"""Decrease indentation by ``levels`` levels."""
return self._indentation_levels.pop()
def astext(self):
content = self.header + self.title + self.subtitle + self.body \
+ self.footer
return ''.join(content)
def wrap(self, text, width=None, indent=None):
"""Return ``text`` wrapped to ``width`` and indented with ``indent``.
By default:
* ``width`` is ``self.options.wrap_length``
* ``indent`` is ``self.indentation``.
width = width if width is not None else self.options.wrap_length
indent = indent if indent is not None else self.indentation
initial_indent = self.initial_indentation
return textwrap.fill(text, width=width,
def visit_Text(self, node):
text = node.astext()
text = self.wrap(text)
def depart_Text(self, node):
# Blockquotes.
def visit_block_quote(self, node):
def depart_block_quote(self, node):
# END blockquotes.
# Lists (bullets, enumerated...)
def visit_bullet_list(self, node):
self.list_level += 1
self.spacer = ''
def depart_bullet_list(self, node):
self.spacer = '\n'
self.list_level -= 1
def visit_list_item(self, node):
self.indent(2, '%s%s ' % (self.indentation, self.bullet_character))
self.spacer = ''
def depart_list_item(self, node):
self.spacer = '\n '
def bullet_character(self):
return self.options.bullet_character[self.list_level]
# END lists (bullets, enumerated...)
def visit_paragraph(self, node):
def depart_paragraph(self, node):
self.spacer = '\n'
def visit_section(self, node):
self.section_level += 1
def depart_section(self, node):
self.section_level -= 1
def visit_title(self, node):
is_overlined = self.options.title_overline[self.section_level]
if is_overlined:
symbol = self.options.title_chars[self.section_level]
overline = symbol * len(node.astext())
self.body.append(overline + '\n')
self.spacer = ''
def depart_title(self, node):
section_level = self.section_level
symbol = self.options.title_chars[section_level]
underline = symbol * len(node.astext())
self.body.append('\n' + underline)
self.spacer = self.options.title_suffix[self.section_level]
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