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Pillow is a combined router and rereducer for CouchDB.
Dependencies (Both of these are included in this git repository):
- webmachine
- ibrowse from jungerl
Needless to say, it also depends indirectly on couchdb. There is no direct dependencies, but what use is a router
or rereducer for CouchDB without CouchDB.
The current goal is to add resharding to Pillow.
X Automatic generation of resharding validate functions *Done*
X Automatic resharding using validate functions *Done*
X CouchDB style config files *Done*
X Resharding controlled through the config file. The [routing] section is the
original routing config. [resharding] is the intended routing config. Call
pillow_routing_table:reshard() to start replicating to the new nodes. Observe
that the replication completed before executing pillow_routing_table:flip() to
start using the new nodes. flip also updates the config. At this point, the old servers may be torn down. *Done*
X Monitoring UI that will show stats and general health of Pillow *Done*
X End-to-end resharding through a single call. Pillow will wait until replication is
complete before flipping to the new servers. Tearing down the old ones will still
be manual. *Done*
X control script
X Daemonize Pillow
X Control script handling resharding
2. Time to move from deployment script to configure/make install