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couchbeam NEWS
version 0.10.0 / 2013-12-21
- add `couchbeam:copy_doc/{2,3}` to support the COPY API
- add `couchbeam:get_missing_revs/2` to get the list of missing
- add support of the [multipart
API]( when fetching a doc: This change make
`couchbeam:open_doc/3` return a multipart response `{ok, {multipart,
Stream}}` when using the setting `attachments=true` option. A new option
{`accept. <<"multipart/mixed">>}" can also be used with the options
`open_revs` or `revs` to fetch the response as a multipart.
- bump the [hackney]( version to
**0.9.1** .
With this change you can now efficiently retrieve a doc with all of its
attachments or a doc wit all its revisions.
version 0.9.3 / 2013-12-07
- fix: `couchbeam:open_or_create_db/2'
version 0.9.2 / 2013-12-07
- bump hackney version to 0.8.3
version 0.9.1 / 2013-12-05
- fix design docid encoding
version 0.9.0 / 2013-12-05
This is a major release pre-1.0. API is now frozen and won't change much
until the version 1.0.
- replaced the use of `ibrowse` by `hackney` to handle HTTP connections
- new [streaming
API]( in view
- breaking change: remobe
- breaking change: remove deprecated view API. Everything is now managed in the
[couch_view]( module.
- replace `couchbeam_changes:stream` and `couchbeam_changes:fetch`
functions by `couchbeam_changes/follow` and `couchbeam_changes:follow_once`.
- breaking change: new attachment API
- new: JSX a pure erlang JSON encoder/decoder is now the default. Jiffy
can be set at the compilation by defining `WITH_JIFFY` in the Erlang
- removed mochiweb dependency.
version 0.7.0 / 2011-07-05
This release contains backwards incompatible changes.
- New and more efficient couchbeam_changes API, we now parse json stream
instead of the try catch steps we used before.
- New and more efficient couchbeam_view API. we now parse json stream
instead of getting all results. New couchbeam_view:stream and
couchbeam_view fetch functions have been added. We also don't use any
more a view record in other functions
- HTTP functions have been moved to couchbeam_httpc modules
- gen_changes behaviour has been updated to use the couchbeam_changes
API. It's also abble to restart a lost connection for longpoll and
continuous feeds.
Breaking Changes:
- couchbeam:view and couchbeam:all_docs have been deprecated. Old views
functions using the #view{} record from these functions have been
moved in couchbeam_oldview module.
- couchbeam:wait_changes, couchbeam:wait_changes_once, couchbeam:changes
functions have been deprecated and are now replaced by
couchbeam_changes:stream and couchbeam_changes:fetch functions.
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