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epygments is a simple wrapper to Pygments to highlight source code from your erlang program.



You can install manually the python dependancies or use Pip:

$ pip install -r requirements.txt

to use compile epygments:

$ make

to create the doc:

$ make docs

then open index.html in the doc folder.

Use it:

For now epygments offers you 2 function that you can use in your application:

  • epygments:all_languages/0 : get all languages
  • epygments:highlight/2, epygments:highlight/3, epygments:highlight/4 : prettify the source code. See the reference doc for more informations.

Test it:

$ erl -pa ebin -pa deps/poolboy/ebin
Erlang R15B (erts-5.9) [source] [64-bit] [smp:4:4] [async-threads:0] [hipe] [kernel-poll:false]

Eshell V5.9  (abort with ^G)
1> application:start(epygments).
2> epygments:all_languages().
[{<<"text">>,<<"Plain text">>},
 {<<"antlr-as">>,<<"ANTLR With ActionScript Target">>},
 {<<"antlr-cpp">>,<<"ANTLR With CPP Target">>},
 {<<"antlr-csharp">>,<<"ANTLR With C# Target">>},
 {<<"antlr-java">>,<<"ANTLR With Java Target">>},
 {<<"antlr-objc">>,<<"ANTLR With ObjectiveC Target">>},
 {<<"antlr-perl">>,<<"ANTLR With Perl Target">>},
 {<<"antlr-python">>,<<"ANTLR With Python Target">>},
 {<<"antlr-ruby">>,<<"ANTLR With Ruby Target">>},
 {<<"as3">>,<<"ActionScript 3">>},
2> epygments:highlight(<<"def test(a):\n     if a == 0:\n    return True">>, <<"python">>).
"<span class=\"k\">def</span> <span class=\"nf\">test</span><span class=\"p\">(</span><span class=\"n\">a</span><span class=\"p\">):</span>\n     <span class=\"k\">if</span> <span class=\"n\">a</span> <span class=\"o\">==</span> <span class=\"mi\">0</span><span class=\"p\">:</span>\n    <span class=\"k\">return</span> <span class=\"bp\">True</span>\n"