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push fails (undefined jiffy??) #49

emjayess opened this Issue · 11 comments

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I get this push failed message with 0.3.0 (current head or the 0.3.0 tag) on OS X Lion (10.7.5)...

couchdb and erlang are both homebrew managed:

macaroni:~ emjayess$ brew info couchdb
couchdb: stable 1.2.1, HEAD
macaroni:~ emjayess$ brew info erlang
erlang: stable R15B03-1 (bottled), HEAD

any ideas? I'm erlang dumb.


I don't reproduce it as well. Can you also paste the build log when you do it from scratch ? (if you reproduce the issue)


sure I'll post some build logs today... thanks fellas.


note that earlier last week, I had been attempting (unsuccessfully) to build couchdb using R16B01 -- the latest erlang version homebrew will install or upgrade to by default now -- and on a tip from jan I had to step back to the R15 version...

I don't know if those attempts might have left some R16 artifacts around or something? is there possibly something like a make "clean" step? (again, i'm total erlang newb)


ok, installed rebar and shaved a few more yaks too (i'm occasionally known to my wife as a yak farmer)...

now ./bootstrap isn't working... escript: exception error: no match of right hand side value {error,bad_directory}

$ git clean -fdx
Removing deps/
$ git reset --hard
HEAD is now at c1d5780 R16 support
$ git checkout master
Already on 'master'
$ git pull --ff-only
Already up-to-date.
$ git reset --hard
HEAD is now at c1d5780 R16 support
$ rebar get-deps
==> mochiweb (get-deps)
==> oauth (get-deps)
==> ibrowse (get-deps)
==> couchbeam (get-deps)
==> erica (get-deps)
$ ./bootstrap
escript: exception error: no match of right hand side value {error,bad_directory}

I think that adding ./ebin to the path if it doesn't alread exist causes an error.

@benoitc the issue only occurs if you've not build erica before. I am not sure what the right fix is but here's a set of steps that avoids the problem:

git clone erica
cd erica
rebar clean get-deps update-deps
rebar compile && ./bootstrap

FWIW some warnings;

Compiled src/erica.erl
src/erica_config.erl:119: Warning: function get_config_dbs/2 is unused
src/erica_push.erl:357: Warning: variable 'FileInfo' is unused
src/erica_push.erl:572: Warning: function git_info/0 is unused
src/erica_push.erl:584: Warning: variable 'Couchapp' is unused

Just chiming in to say that with @dch's assistance, the problem has been cleared up on my system and I've got erica 0.3.0 working - IOW, case closed for my needs and to the extent that I am able to contribute... it looks like Dave has some changes to contemplate for preventing the situation I bumped into. Thanks!


@dch is this bug still existing?



@benoitc benoitc closed this
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