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Inital work on uploading from _docs #33

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A good start on issue #17.

Current summary:

  • uses _docs as the default
  • uses couch_beam:save_doc, so if there is an _id, it is used, otherwise doc gets a generated _id. The filename is ignored. Should it be considered for anything?
  • currently flat hierarchy. no nested folders, etc.
  • prints to console success/total docs uploaded if there is a _docs dir and one or more docs.


  • Add support for a folder matching a doc name, and having attachments in that folder.
  • Using the -f switch to force overwrite of docs that exist.
  • Check for doc before doing a save_doc so no conflict is generated.
  • better logging of error conditions.
  • specify an alternate docs dir.
benoitc commented Oct 17, 2012

maybe it worth to add the multipart api to couchbeam so we could send in one pass all docs ?


yes, adding multipart to couchbeam would be a nice feature. Would it be easy to do?

benoitc commented Oct 24, 2012

yes and no. multipart is supported in hackney. To do this I have to replace the use of ibrowse by hackney in couchbeam then it will be OK.


@benoitc: can this please be merged soon? I would like to add some docs to erica to push, but it's neglecting them telling me it's pushing 0 of x documents.

benoitc commented Feb 5, 2013

@ryanramage what's the status of it?


@benoitc Still the same as above. I think it is a good basic start, and could be merged. The other remaining items can be added as separate issues so as not to hold things up.


Would this be somewhat equivalent to couchapp pushdocs? I am new to couchDB and couch apps, seems like I came in as the couch ecosystem was crashing (but hopefully, that's slowly getting resolved - but see the couchapp wiki for instance). Anyway, I disgress. I am able to push couch apps with but I'm stuck at pushdocs when it comes to erica.


Has this been merged yet? Would love this feature


So, is deprecated, but until erica support this (completely) erica is not actually a full replacement for it. Read, I keep using 😁

Here's more info on the filesystem to design doc mapping:

fetmar commented Nov 7, 2013

I've been using couchapp for about a year now and never really had a reason to change. I tried out erica and at first everything was going fine but every time I erica pushed it gave me a 409 conflict error for a doc in my _docs folder. I had to go back to couchapp (which is totally fine). I might try to add the handling myself but I would have to learn erlang first 😄

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