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Simple and efficient way to serve static file. used as a pistil demonstration. Handle sendifle api is available on your system.


  • Python 2.5 or sup.
  • Gevent > 0.13
  • Pistil >= 0.1.0
  • http-parser >= 0.6.3

Note: To set the process name, install the library setproctitle:

$ ps ax|grep test_cors
78064 s002  S+     0:00.35 arbiter [test_cors running 3 workers]
78065 s002  S+     0:00.10 worker test_cors [78065]
78066 s002  S+     0:00.11 worker test_cors [78066]
78067 s002  S+     0:00.09 worker test_cors [78067]


Do one of this command to install it from pypi

pip install fserve


easy_install fserve

From source do:

$ git clone git://
$ cd fserve && python install


$ fserve [-h] [--bind BIND] [--workers WORKERS] [--debug] [path]

serve a static file folder

positional arguments:
  path               Folder to serve

optional arguments:
  -h, --help         show this help message and exit
  --bind BIND        The socket to bind. A string of the form: 'HOST',
                     'HOST:PORT', 'unix:PATH'. An IP is a valid HOST.
  --name NAME        name of the server
  --workers WORKERS  Number of workers
--debug            Debug mode


In your source folder:

$ cd examples/static
$ fserve --workers 3

And go on url .

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