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19.6.0 / 2016/05/21

Core & Logging

  • improvement of the binary upgrade behaviour using USR2: remove file locking (:issue:`1270`)
  • add the --capture-output setting to capture stdout/stderr to the log

file (:issue:`1271`) - Allow disabling sendfile() via the SENDFILE environment variable (:issue:`1252`) - fix reload under pycharm (:issue:`1129`)


  • fix: make sure to remove the signal from the worker pipe (:issue:`1269`)
  • fix: gthread worker, handle removed socket in the select loop


19.5.0 / 2016/05/10


  • fix: Ensure response to HEAD request won't have message body
  • fix: lock domain socket and remove on last arbiter exit (:issue:`1220`)
  • improvement: use EnvironmentError instead of socket.error (:issue:`939`)
  • add: new FORWARDDED_ALLOW_IPS environment variable (:issue:`1205`)
  • fix: infinite recursion when destroying sockets (:issue:`1219`)
  • fix: close sockets on shutdown (:issue:`922`)
  • fix: clean up sys.exc_info calls to drop circular refs (:issue:`1228`)
  • fix: do post_worker_init after load_wsgi (:issue:`1248`)




  • Simplify installation instructions in (:issue:`1072`)
  • Fix URL and default worker type in example_config (:issue:`1209`)
  • update django doc url to 1.8 lts (:issue:`1213`)
  • fix: miscellaneous wording corrections (:issue:`1216`)
  • Add PSF License Agreement of to NOTICE (:issue: 1226)
  • document LOGGING overriding (:issue:`1051`)
  • put a note that error logs are only errors from Gunicorn (:issue:`1124`)
  • add a note about the requirements of the threads workers under python 2.x (:issue:`1200`)
  • add access_log_format to config example (:issue:`1251`)


  • Use more pytest.raises() in

19.4.5 / 2016/01/05

19.4.4 / 2016/01/04

  • fix: check if a fileobject can be used with sendfile(2) (:issue:`1174`)
  • doc: be more descriptive in errorlog option (:issue:`1173`)

19.4.3 / 2015/12/30

  • fix: don't check if a file is writable using os.stat with SELINUX (:issue:`1171`)

19.4.2 / 2015/12/29


  • improvement: handle HaltServer in manage_workers (:issue:`1095`)
  • fix: Do not rely on sendfile sending requested count (:issue:`1155`)
  • fix: clarify --no-sendfile default (:issue:`1156`)
  • fix: LoggingCatch sendfile failure from no file descriptor (:issue:`1160`)


  • fix: Always send access log to syslog if syslog is on
  • fix: check auth before trying to own a file (:issue:`1157`)


  • fix: Fix Slowloris broken link. (:issue:`1142`)
  • Tweak markup in faq.rst


19.4.1 / 2015/11/25

19.4.0 / 2015/11/20


  • fix: make sure that a user is able to access to the logs after dropping a privilege (:issue:`1116`)
  • improvement: inherit the Exception class where it needs to be (:issue:`997`)
  • fix: make sure headers are always encoded as latin1 RFC 2616 (:issue:`1102`)
  • improvement: reduce arbiter noise (:issue:`1078`)
  • fix: don't close the unix socket when the worker exit (:issue:`1088`)
  • improvement: Make last logged worker count an explicit instance var (:issue:`1078`)
  • improvement: prefix config file with its type (:issue:`836`)
  • improvement: pidfile handing (:issue:`1042`)
  • fix: catch OSError as well as ValueError on race condition (:issue:`1052`)
  • improve support of ipv6 by backporting urlparse.urlsplit from Python 2.7 to Python 2.6.
  • fix: raise InvalidRequestLine when the line contains malicious data (:issue:`1023`)
  • fix: fix argument to disable sendfile
  • fix: add gthread to the list of supported workers (:issue:`1011`)
  • improvement: retry socket binding up to five times upon EADDRNOTAVAIL (:issue:`1004`)
  • breaking change: only honor headers that can be encoded in ascii to comply to the RFC 7230 (See :issue:`1151`).



  • use last version of mock.
  • many fixes in Travis CI support
  • miscellaneous improvements in tests

Thread worker

  • fix: Fix usage in ThreadedWorker so that auto restart works as expected (:issue:`1031`)

Gevent worker

Tornado worker

AIOHttp worker



  • fix: reloader should survive SyntaxError (:issue:`994`)
  • fix: expose the reloader class to the worker.