Attempting to create a socket on a non-unix filesystem fails silently #1370

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sparr commented Oct 15, 2016

I apologize for accidentally discarding the relevant logs.

I was trying to launch gunicorn pointed at a socket file in the /vagrant directory of a vagrant VM, which is a mounted shared filesystem location in which sockets cannot be created. Applying strace to gunicorn indicated that creating the socket was failing (with return code -6, I think), but gunicorn proceeded to try opening the not-created socket anyway.

This failure mode should be caught.

If this description does not make the location of the problem obvious, please let me know and I will endeavor to reproduce the misbehavior and the logs I lost.

benoitc commented Nov 17, 2016

"but gunicorn proceeded to try opening the not-created socket anyway." did it crash at the end?

sparr commented Nov 17, 2016

I ended up with a running gunicorn process logging a failure to connect every N seconds... I think? Sorry, my memory is fuzzy a month later.

tilgovi commented Dec 23, 2016

I would be interested in a log. I can't see how the call to create a socket could fail without gunicorn crashing.

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