Doesn't seem that statsd instumentation sending the metrics over UDP 8125 port for gunicorn 19.6 #1405

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sakumar1 commented Dec 3, 2016

Ran a simple app using..
gunicorn --workers=2 --statsd-host=localhost:8125 test:app

It doesn't seems to be sending the metrics to localhost using UDP port 8125...

Tried to create a dump using below...But nothing is getting captured..
sudo tcpdump -i eno16780032 -w dd.trace -n -v udp and host localhost and port 8125

Is there any logging that I can setup to test if the gunicorn statsd client is actually sending the metrics?

daker commented Dec 11, 2016

Can you give more details ? what version are you using ? which python version ? i have tested version 19.6.0 and metrics are sent to statsd. Can you try to capture the traffic using sudo tcpdump -i any -w statsd-ts.dump "(port 8125)"

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