Fix utils.is_fileobj for streaming responses from requests #805

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davisp commented Jun 26, 2014

Turns out that the utils.is_fileobj breaks for streamed responses from the requests library due to how we check for a fileno() function and the exception raised by urllib3.

Obvious fix is to add the IOError type to the exception list. PR to follow shortly.

@davisp davisp added the Bug label Jun 26, 2014
@davisp davisp added a commit that referenced this issue Jun 26, 2014
@davisp davisp Fix check for file-like objects
The `is_fileobject()` function in would break when the respones
was a wrapped `HTTPResponse`'s `raw` attribute. This just adds the
`IOError` exception type to the `is_fileobject()` function so that the
response can be streamed normally.

Fixes #805
@tilgovi tilgovi closed this in #806 Jun 26, 2014

This bug can still be triggered by file-like objects which wrap objects without a .fileno() method. This happened to me in combination with pyfilesystem (

The simplest fix would be to add AttributeError to the list of exceptions, just like in the commit above (fc364cc).

tilgovi commented Nov 25, 2015

@fmarczin this code isn't used anymore on master as of 6b92575. If you could reproduce problems before and can check again on master that would be great.

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