A TypeError is raised at startup if we bind to a unix socket with the gaiohttp worker. #822

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ghost commented Jul 19, 2014

A TypeError is raised continuously as soon as we launch gunicorn, if we bind it to a unix socket, when we use the gaiohttp worker class.

Minimal test:

def app(environ, start_response):
    start_response('200 OK', [('Content-Type', 'text/plain')])
    return [b'Hello, World!']
$ gunicorn -b unix:/tmp/minimaltest.sock -k gaiohttp minimal:app

Traceback (repeated many times):

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/home/metathink/workspace/tests/venv/lib/python3.4/site-packages/gunicorn/arbiter.py", line 507, in spawn_worker
  File "/home/metathink/workspace/tests/venv/lib/python3.4/site-packages/gunicorn/workers/gaiohttp.py", line 33, in init_process
  File "/home/metathink/workspace/tests/venv/lib/python3.4/site-packages/gunicorn/workers/base.py", line 120, in init_process
  File "/home/metathink/workspace/tests/venv/lib/python3.4/site-packages/gunicorn/workers/gaiohttp.py", line 39, in run
  File "/usr/lib/python3.4/asyncio/base_events.py", line 208, in run_until_complete
    return future.result()
  File "/usr/lib/python3.4/asyncio/futures.py", line 243, in result
    raise self._exception
  File "/usr/lib/python3.4/asyncio/tasks.py", line 302, in _step
    result = next(coro)
  File "/home/metathink/workspace/tests/venv/lib/python3.4/site-packages/gunicorn/workers/gaiohttp.py", line 75, in _run
    factory = self.get_factory(sock.sock, *sock.cfg_addr)
TypeError: get_factory() takes 4 positional arguments but 17 were given

Tested with gunicorn 19.0.0 and 1584023


Thanks for report.

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benoitc commented Jul 26, 2014

fixed in 2b2725d

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