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Gunicorn 18.0 is a major release with new features and fixes. With this release the commands gunicorn_django and gunicorn_paster are now deprecated. They will be removed in the next major release R19. You can now easily launch your django or paster applications by only using the gunicorn command line. See the documentation and the following changes for more more information.


  • new: add -e/--env command line argument to pass an environment variables to
  • new: add --chdir command line argument to specified directory
    before apps loading.
  • new: add wsgi.file_wrapper support in async workers
  • new: add --paste command line argument to set the paster config file
  • deprecated: the command gunicorn_django is now deprecated. You should now
    run your application with the WSGI interface installed with your project (see
    https://docs.djangoproject.com/en/1.4/howto/deployment/wsgi/gunicorn/) for
    more infos.
  • deprecated: the command gunicorn_paste is deprecated. You now should use
    the new --paste argument to set the configuration file of your paster
  • fix: Removes unmatched leading quote from the beginning of the default access
    log format string
  • fix: null timeout
  • fix: gevent worker
  • fix: don't reload the paster app when using pserve
  • fix: after closing for error do not keep alive the connection
  • fix: responses 1xx, 204 and 304 should not force the connection to be closed

Full changelog is available here:



You can find the documentation here:


Latest version is also available on Pypi: