@benoitc benoitc released this Apr 18, 2014 · 691 commits to master since this release

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hackney 0.12.0 has been released. This is a service release with some fixes and improvements.


  • improvement: URI encoding is now fully normalized.
  • improvement: TCP_NODELAY is now available by default for all transports
  • improvements: IDNA parsing is only done during the normalization which
    makes all the connections faster..
  • fix: connections options are now correctly passed to the transports.
  • fix: HTTP proxying. make sure we reuse the connection
  • fix: HTTP proxying, only resolve the proxy domain.
  • bump hackney_lib to to 0.3.0

Breaking changes:

The mimetypes has been replaced by the hackney_mimetypes module. It makes content-type detection a little more efficient. In the process the functions hackney_util:content_type/1 and hackney_bstr:content_type/1 has been removed. You should now use the function hackney_mimetypes:filename/1 .

The full changelog is available here: 0.11.2...0.12.0

Hackney is also available as a source archive or via expm.