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# -*- coding: utf-8 -
# This file is part of restkit released under the MIT license.
# See the NOTICE for more information.
import urlparse
from cStringIO import StringIO
except ImportError:
from StringIO import StringIO
from ..client import Client
from ..globals import _manager
from ..sock import MAX_BODY
from ..util import rewrite_location
BLOCK_SIZE = 4096 * 16
WEBOB_ERROR = ("Content-Length is set to -1. This usually mean that WebOb has "
"already parsed the content body. You should set the Content-Length "
"header to the correct value before forwarding your request to the "
"proxy: ``req.content_length = str(len(req.body));`` "
class Proxy(object):
"""A proxy wich redirect the request to SERVER_NAME:SERVER_PORT
and send HTTP_HOST header"""
def __init__(self, manager=None, allowed_methods=ALLOWED_METHODS,
strip_script_name=True, **kwargs):
self.allowed_methods = allowed_methods
self.strip_script_name = strip_script_name
self.client = Client(manager=manager)
def extract_uri(self, environ):
port = None
scheme = environ['wsgi.url_scheme']
if 'SERVER_NAME' in environ:
host = environ['SERVER_NAME']
host = environ['HTTP_HOST']
if ':' in host:
host, port = host.split(':')
if not port:
if 'SERVER_PORT' in environ:
port = environ['SERVER_PORT']
port = scheme == 'https' and '443' or '80'
uri = '%s://%s:%s' % (scheme, host, port)
return uri
def __call__(self, environ, start_response):
method = environ['REQUEST_METHOD']
if method not in self.allowed_methods:
start_response('403 Forbidden', ())
return ['']
if self.strip_script_name:
path_info = ''
path_info = environ['SCRIPT_NAME']
path_info += environ['PATH_INFO']
query_string = environ['QUERY_STRING']
if query_string:
path_info += '?' + query_string
host_uri = self.extract_uri(environ)
uri = host_uri + path_info
new_headers = {}
for k, v in environ.items():
if k.startswith('HTTP_'):
k = k[5:].replace('_', '-').title()
new_headers[k] = v
for k, v in (('CONTENT_TYPE', None), ('CONTENT_LENGTH', '0')):
v = environ.get(k, None)
if v is not None:
new_headers[k.replace('_', '-').title()] = v
if new_headers.get('Content-Length', '0') == '-1':
raise ValueError(WEBOB_ERROR)
response = self.client.request(uri, method, body=environ['wsgi.input'],
if 'location' in response:
if self.strip_script_name:
prefix_path = environ['SCRIPT_NAME']
new_location = rewrite_location(host_uri, response.location,
headers = []
for k, v in response.headerslist:
if k.lower() == 'location':
v = new_location
headers.append((k, v))
headers = response.headerslist
start_response(response.status, headers)
if method == "HEAD":
return StringIO()
return response.tee()
class TransparentProxy(Proxy):
"""A proxy based on HTTP_HOST environ variable"""
def extract_uri(self, environ):
port = None
scheme = environ['wsgi.url_scheme']
host = environ['HTTP_HOST']
if ':' in host:
host, port = host.split(':')
if not port:
port = scheme == 'https' and '443' or '80'
uri = '%s://%s:%s' % (scheme, host, port)
return uri
class HostProxy(Proxy):
"""A proxy to redirect all request to a specific uri"""
def __init__(self, uri, **kwargs):
super(HostProxy, self).__init__(**kwargs)
self.uri = uri.rstrip('/')
self.scheme, self.net_loc = urlparse.urlparse(self.uri)[0:2]
def extract_uri(self, environ):
environ['HTTP_HOST'] = self.net_loc
return self.uri
def get_config(local_config):
"""parse paste config"""
config = {}
allowed_methods = local_config.get('allowed_methods', None)
if allowed_methods:
config['allowed_methods'] = [m.upper() for m in allowed_methods.split()]
strip_script_name = local_config.get('strip_script_name', 'true')
if strip_script_name.lower() in ('false', '0'):
config['strip_script_name'] = False
config['max_connections'] = int(local_config.get('max_connections', '5'))
return config
def make_proxy(global_config, **local_config):
"""TransparentProxy entry_point"""
config = get_config(local_config)
print 'Running TransparentProxy with %s' % config
return TransparentProxy(**config)
def make_host_proxy(global_config, uri=None, **local_config):
"""HostProxy entry_point"""
uri = uri.rstrip('/')
config = get_config(local_config)
print 'Running HostProxy on %s with %s' % (uri, config)
return HostProxy(uri, **config)