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Erlang UPNP Module
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Latest commit 75a526d Aug 16, 2013 @benoitc Update
nat_upnp should be used instead of the upnp module.
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rebar.config Fix up the correct dependencies. Feb 17, 2013

This code is in maintenance mode only. It has been superceed by nat_upnp which is easier to use in your Erlang application:

upnp support

Application that provides a way to map a local port to the external using UPnP IGD.

Code extracted from etorrent .

Example of usage:

1> ssl:start().
2> application:start(hackney).
3> application:start(ranch).  
4> application:start(cowboy).
5> lager:start().            
6> application:start(upnp).  
7> upnp:start(test, [{ip, ""}, {maps, [{"", tcp, 8000}]}]).

This will map the port 8000 on the external IP to your application

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