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Face recognition via webcam images demo

Just a simple script bringing together a number of techniques, files, tips etc from all over.


Haar trained XML tree maps from here:

Eye Cascade:

Hand Cascade:

OpenCV python cheatsheet:

Rough detect-faces code from here:

And PyGame is just a handy dandy toolset that I've used a number of times in the past. (I tend to use Processing when interacting with things in C)


sudo apt-get install python-opencv python-pygame python-imaging

(SWIG-based bindings for OpenCV, PyGame and PIL - the python Imaging library)


Running the code unaltered will run the face detection algorithm on the demo.jpg file
and use the pygame loop to display it in a window.


To see the webcam demo, make sure your webcam is detected under linux and then alter the section of the file where it says # UNCOMMENT [...] and run it again.