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Playing with OpenCV with python (for fun and learning)

OpenCV is a wonderful set of libraries, with thorough documentation... if you know what you want
to do. There is a lack of A -> B scripts which string together the commands that you might need
or even tell you why you need to do certain things in a certain manner.

This is a simple repo of scripts that should be straightforward and uncomplicated to read and follow.

Well, that's the aim anyhow.

The scripts are designed so that they can be copy and pasted into an interpreter, like the python
commandline or ipython, in a piecemeal fashion from top to bottom. This is so you can play
along and tweak, alter and twist the code to experiment with it as you go.

Often there are some global variables to change to suit your computer. These are generally filepaths, and should
be edited before running the rest of the code :) As such any of these will be at the very top of the scripts and
generally with whacking great warnings around them.

Problems with the current OpenCV python bindings (true on 4/1/11):

The api binding for cv.MatchShapes is wrong! It's supposed to return a double value from the comparison, but
due to a binding issue, it will only ever return None. The fix is simple, and you can see how to do it

This does require you to build from the SVN though. You don't have to do it but the contour matching script won't function
completely without the fix.

Scripts included:

- requires: opencv 2.1 python bindings (with the fix mentioned above) - "import cv" is a quick test to see
            PIL  (easy_install PIL) - the python imaging library
- uses:  the image "tubs-camview-perspective.png" which is a faked image from a webcam, which has been altered to 
     undistort and to fake a bird-eye perspective - making the round tubs appear round and not ellipses for example.

Goes through:
  Getting images from the python imaging library (PIL) form to the OpenCV form (IPL) and back again
  Loading and Saving RGB, RGBA, and Greyscale 8-bit images in PNG format
  Converting IPL images to different colourspaces
  An advanced, reasonably fast image thresholding based on Hue, Satuation and Value (HSV)
  Finding contours in a thresholded image
  Iterating through contours
  Drawing contours - one at a time, or many at once
  Cleaning contours by making simpler approximations of them
  Handling simple cvSeq structures
  Demo-ing the three simple contour comparison algorithms (which compare 'Hu Moments')  (updating to use the new opencv bindings - please wait a mo!)

- requires: opencv 2.1+ bindings
- uses:     webcam

Goes through:
  Getting images from a webcam
  Using some of the 'highgui' opencv library (handles windows, image drawing, key capture, etc)
  Using the Face detection routine (the Haar Cascade method)
  Drawing a rectangle around detected faces in a webcam view
  Displaying IPL images in windows on the desktop