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dontspamme is an anti-spam, anonymous remailer tool for Google users.

How does it work?

dontspamme enables you to monitor and control how your email identity propagates. For this explanation, let represent a website. When requests your email address, you create a unique ‘Pseudonym’ that stealthily links back to your email address. This Pseudonym is simply a relay between your account and When sends an email to your Pseudonym, it is relayed to your When you send an email to your Pseudonym, it is relayed back to

Concept Image

This concept is anonymous remailing. How does this help you avoid SPAM? When you create the Pseudonym, it is tied to Assume you have created a Pseudonym for Suppose starts emailing your Pseudonym You will know immediately that gave away your email address and all these emails from are SPAM. And by you will know, I mean that the relay in-between will automatically flag or discard (your choice) these suspected SPAM emails.

How does it really work?

dontspamme runs on Google App Engine. Google App Engine allows you to write scalable web applications that use Google’s datastore. Up to a certain quota of traffic, content size, emails received/sent, it’s free. The __dontspamme __app works as a smart anonymous remailer. For every person that sends an email to the Pseudonym, dontspamme creates a tag so that you can specify the person at to whom you want to reply:

Reply Image

Who is this for?

All Google users.

How to use


Refer to

User's guide

Refer to


  • Version 11.7 has not been thoroughly tested. Use at your own risk (although the source code's there for you to examine and modify).
  • At the time of this writing, the mail API does not work on custom domains.


  • Ben Pence (benpence): developer & idea man
  • Alex Levenson (isnotinvain): occasional contributor

Please message someone on the team to get involved.


Read 'LICENSE' in the root directory.