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Go implementation of the Matasano Crypto Challenges (


The source in src/matasano is organized as follows:

  • bits/ general bit-operation
  • encoding/ base64 and hex encoding and decoding
  • xorbyte/ encrypting and forcibly decrypting message blocks XOR'd by the same byte
  • repeatingxor/ encrypting and forcibly decrypting message blocks XOR'd by a bytestring
  • aes/ encrypting with AES and detecting AES
  • problems/ matasano-specific problem numbers


Each problem solution is organized into a go testing function in src/matasano/problems/. To run all the tests, execute:

$ GOPATH="`pwd`:$GOPATH" go test matasano/problems

To examine the tests for a particular problem, please read the respective src/matasano/problems/NUMBER_test.go file.