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The settings.yaml file allows you to define application level options. For changes made to this file to take effect, you will need to regenerate the static HTML, this can be done by clicking the refresh icon in the bottom right of the page.


You can customize the title of the page if you'd like.

title: My Awesome Homepage

Background Image

If you'd like to use a background image instead of the solid theme color, you may provide a full URL to an image of your choice.


Or you may pass the path to a local image relative to the /app/public directory, which could be configured like this,

Inside of your Docker Compose file, mount a path to where your images are kept:

  - /my/homepage/images:/app/public/images

and then reference that image:

background: /images/background.png


If you'd like to use a custom favicon instead of the included one, you may provide a full URL to an image of your choice.


Or you may pass the path to a local image relative to the /app/public directory. See Background Image for more detailed information on how to provide your own files.


You can configure a fixed them (and disable the theme switcher) by passing the theme option, like so:

theme: dark # or light

Color Palette

You can configured a fixed color palette (and disable the palette switcher) by passing the color option, like so:

color: slate

Supported colors are: slate, gray, zinc, neutral, stone, amber, yellow, lime, green, emerald, teal, cyan, sky, blue, indigo, violet, purple, fuchsia, pink, rose, red, white


You can configure service sections to be either "column" or "row" based layouts, like so:

Assuming you have a group named Media in your services.yaml file,

    style: row
    columns: 4

As an example, this would produce the following layout:

Screenshot 2022-09-15 at 8 03 57 PM

Base URL

In some proxy configurations, it may be necessary to set the documents base URL. You can do this by providing a base value, like so:

base: http://host.local/homepage

The URL must be a full, absolute URL, or it will be ignored by the browser.


You may override the browser language detection by setting your desired language manually using:

language: fr

Currently supported languages: ca, de, en, es, fr, he, hr, hu, it, nb-NO, nl, pt, ru, sv, vi, zh-CN, zh-Hant

Link Target

Changes the behaviour of links on the homepage,

target: _blank # Possible options include _blank, _self, and _top

Use _blank to open links in a new tab, _self to open links in the same tab, and _top to open links in a new window.


The providers section allows you to define shared API provider options and secrets. Currently this allows you to define your weather API keys in secret.

  openweathermap: openweathermapapikey
  weatherapi: weatherapiapikey

You can then pass provider instead of apiKey in your widget configuration.

- weather:
    latitude: 50.449684
    longitude: 30.525026
    provider: weatherapi