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Custom jQuery selector to detect elements currently on-screen
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onScreen is a jQuery plugin to detect whether an element is currently visible on-screen. It adds the :onScreen selector which is used to select only those elements that are currently within the bounds of the screen: $("span:onScreen"). It can also be combined with other selectors so, for example, to return only visible, on-screen elements use $("span:visible:onScreen").

$(function() {
  setInterval(function() {
    $("h2")                             // get all <h2>s
      .css("background-color", "")      // reset their background colours
      .filter(":onScreen")              // get only <h2>s on screen
        .css("background-color", "red") // give them a red background
  }, 1000)                              // repeat every second


Copyright 2011-2013 Ben Pickles. See LICENCE for details.

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