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Templating the jQuery way.

Beware: name and functionality are likely to change!

The what

Treat templates like standard jQuery objects.

The why

I'll get back to you.

The how

// Use an existing HTML blank.
<div id="feature"><h3></h3><p></p></div>

// Declare a template (with a custom initializer).
Feature = Template($("#feature"), function(title, text) {

// Now simply instantiate your Feature template object and treat it like
// any other jQuery object.
  new Feature("Amazing", "Sounds cool!")

// And you end up with this HTML.
    <p>Sounds cool!</p>

Or a simpler version just give starter tag and once again treat it like a jQuery object.

Word = Template("<span>")

new Word().html("<blink>I like blinkies</blink>")
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