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v, a Vim command line wrapper

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I wrote v to help with a couple of my common wants when starting Vim, it’s a script written in Ruby and the source is on GitHub. Here are the three things it does.

Open path/to/file:line-number

If v is passed an argument matching path/to/file:line-number it will load the file and place the cursor on the specified line, this allows you to easily copy/paste output from tools such as RSpec or Git grep and start editing in the correct place.


v ./spec/path/to/failure_spec.rb:123

Automatically load ./Session.vim

When v is run with no arguments it looks in the current directory for a file called Session.vim and loads it as a Vim session. Note that this only occurs when no arguments are passed, so you can load other specified files without spoiling your session.

Automatically read from stdin

If v detects that it's receiving stdin it will automatically read the content so you never have to forget to pass the -.

Other options


To see what v will execute for the given arguments add --dry-run.


$ v --dry-run ./spec/path/to/failure_spec.rb:123
vim ./spec/path/to/failure_spec.rb +123


What command line script would be complete without corresponding help? Run v --help for usage.


Outputs the version of this script and forwards the command to $EDITOR.