Reports on key health information for online XenApp servers (server name, load evaluator, load, uptime) and user sessions (username, applications, logon time, state, server name, and client version)
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This PowerShell script emails a formatted report with two sections:

  • Key health information for online XenApp servers, including name, load evaluator, load, uptime, and sessions.
  • Information on user sessions, including username, applications, and client version


  • Windows PowerShell
  • Citrix XenApp PowerShell SDK


The script takes the following configuration variables:

$zonenames = "Zone1","Zone2" # Zone names

$wgname = "Production" # Worker group name to check for offline servers

$smtpserver = "" # SMTP Server

$mailfrom = "" # SMTP Mail From Address

$mailto = "" # SMTP Mail To Address

$mailcc = "" # SMTP CC To Address

$mailsubject = "XenApp Health Check" # Subject Line

An sample configuration script is provided in "xareport-config.ps1.txt". Rename the sample file or copy these variables to a separate configuration PowerShell script called "xareport-config.ps1" and customize them according to your needs.

Tip: You can create multiple configuration files for testing and simply reassign the $configFile variable in the main script to the path and filename of the configuration script you wish to use.