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Graffiti: ActionScript 3 Bitmap Drawing Library

Version 3.0.3

The Graffiti AS3 Bitmap Drawing Library is designed for ActionScript developers to easily integrate drawing functionality into a Flash, Flex or Air project.


  • You choose the size of the Drawing Canvas.
  • Add a Vector or Bitmap image above or below the drawing area.
  • Keep a drawing history allowing undo and redo.
  • Brush Tool with 7 different Brush shapes.
  • Built in zoom functionality including ability to drag an obscured canvas with the mouse.
  • Brush Tool supports blurring.
  • Drawing Tools have support for transparent colors.
  • Line Tool with 3 types of lines, SOLID, DASHED and DOTTED
  • Shape Tool with RECTANGLE, SQUARE, OVAL and CIRCLE
  • Fill Bucket Tool
  • Text Tool
  • Get color value for a point on the drawing.
  • Easily retrieve drawing data to use with your favorite image encoder.
  • UI independent code that fits invisibly into any project.

More information can be found at


Online AS Docs