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URL Shortener πŸ”—

A simple URL shortener that lives on a Cloudflare Worker.

API Reference

Create Shortlink:

POST /slugs
Authorization: <api-key>

{"url": "", "slug": "owo"}

Returns: HTTP 204

Delete Shortlink:

DELETE /slugs/:slug
Authorization: <api-key>

Returns: HTTP 204

Get Shortlink Info:

GET /slugs/:slug
Authorization: <api-key>

Returns: {"url": "<url>", "created_at": "<ISO-8601 date>", "user": "<user>"}

List All Shortlinks:

GET /slugs
Authorization: <api-key>

Returns: String[]

Running for Yourself

  1. Create a secrets for generating API keys. The OpenSSL CLI works well for this (openssl rand -hex 32), but any 64 character long string should work.

  2. Deploy this repo to your Cloudflare Worker account using the wrangler CLI

  3. Add your secret as an application variable called JWT_SECRET for your worker

  4. Generate an API key (MacOS/Linux only. Windows users can run this with WSL :P) URL_SHORTENER_JWT_SECRET="<your-secret>"./scripts/urlshortener create-token <username>. The username doesn't do anything other than show who created the shortlink if you look up a link with the CLI or API (outlined above)