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View your website with various google-font selections
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Google Fonts Live Website Previewer

View your website with various google-font selections. E.g. see what your headers (h1, h2, h3...) look like with one particular google font, and another for paragraphs. You can use any CSS style selector to target your markup.


This is a WIP - I don't expect to work on it frequently so feel free to fork it or submit any issues if there is a specific feature that would be of use.


You may be wondering, isn't there probably a chrome extension that already does this? Yep, but that's not the idea here. The audience for this is freelancers or other agencies that design websites for people who want to make it easy for their clients to view their website with various fonts. Let's be honest, many clients are not tech-savvy, so telling them to go download a chrome extension is not always a wise idea. Furthermore, I plan on adding fine grain control which will allow you to limit which fonts are given as options, as well as preload selections (saved in a query string). And I was looking for a fun new project to work on, so here it is. Feature requests and PRs are welcome.


Include the javascript, and instantiate it with GFLP.

<script src="GFLP.js"></script>
  var options = {
    position: 'top-left' // 'top-right'


Options are a WIP.

  • Position editor on top-left (current default) or top-right

To do:

  • Include your own google fonts file reference
  • More positions of the app - bottom-left, bottom-right, custom
  • Default Script (e.g. Latin, Vietnamese, Hebrew)

How's it work

The app requests a cached json file of the google fonts api that I've hosted on S3, along with a stylesheet for the app's styles, and then generates a React.js app with a fixed button on the left to start editing. When editing, you specifiy a CSS selector and a font-family. Once you submit the the selection, the head of the html is injected with the font-family's font styleheet link, and an internal style of the selection you make is injected into the head as well.

When choosing a selector, use normal CSS selectors, for example:

  • h1
  • span
  • .some-class
  • .some-class .and-a-descendant
  • .some-class > .and-a-child
  • etc.


  • Live preview of fonts during browsing.
  • Ability to click text on the page to determine what a selector it is, and auto-fill the selector input of that choice.
  • More filters - category, script, variants, etc
  • Add to collection feature (similar to
  • Links to google fonts on chosen fonts
  • Deep linking (e.g. query string) of selections made.
  • Options object:
    • Limit which fonts are displayed as options
    • Default Script (e.g. Latin, Vietnamese, Hebrew), and limit type of scripts
    • Custom google api url (e.g. if you want to host yourself)
    • Position of the app (e.g. top-left (current default), top-right, bottom-left, bottom-right)


If you'd like to run it locally:

  • run npm start to start webpack and a local dev server at localhost:8080 (loads the dist/index.html)
  • run npm gulp to edit styles and index.html
  • run npm test to run tests
  • run npm run build to build
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