a server that provides a pool of connections to a PBX
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A server that maintains a pool of connections to a PBX and provides the XML web service API to the PBX systems.


Connection Pool Server

The core "pbxd" part that uses PBX::DEFINITY and Net::Server::PreFork to maintain a pool of PBX connections.

Perl module

The underlying PBX::DEFINITY module for the server.

Web CGI proxy

A CGI script that handles client access control and maps request to the correct pooled server.


  • a simple example client in perl

  • pbx-export: a flexible python client that can bulk extract PBX data

Getting started

  1. install the PBX::DEFINITY perl module from pbx_lib

  2. install Net::Server::PreFork from CPAN

  3. install, configure and startup the connection pool server

  • each PBX needs a conf file in /etc/pbxd/ directory. The name of the conf file should be "pbxd-$pbxd_nodename.conf". The conf file needs to specify a unique port to listen on.
  1. configure and install the CGI to a web server
  • you need to modify the function "lookup_pbxd_port" to add a mapping between the $pbxName and the port the pbxd server is listening for that PBX.


  • simplify and package the installation

  • init.d scripts