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A command line tool for running Wizard of Oz tests using 'say' on OSX
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#Say, Wizard!

Press shortcut keys to have your mac read aloud phrases from a text file.

Designed for running a Wizard of Oz voice interface test on OSX using "say".


  1. Download and unzip this script to your mac
  2. Edit the text file 'script.txt' in the unzipped 'saywizard' folder with your phrases.
  3. Double-click startSayWizard.command to run a test (if mac security settings prevent this, right-click on it, Choose: Open With > Terminal, and click Open).
  4. Press the relevant key to have your mac say your phrases. Close the window to quit.

Written by @bensauer. Hat-tip to @jonesabi at Google for the idea.

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