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v0.4.0 (HEAD)

Compatible with node v0.4.x


  • Add graphJmx() and graphProcess(); deprecate spawnAndMonitor(). These provide an easy way to graph JMX attributes as well as output from external processes, such as iostat.
  • More readable date strings are used in log files names
  • rps is a separate stat from result codes
  • Test Results page timestamp does not auto-update on open
  • X-axes now use real timestamps rather than minutes since test start

v0.3.0 (2011/06/16)

Compatible with node v0.3.x


  • Add /console/console.html, a jQuery based UI for connecting to multiple nodeload instances simultaneously
  • jmxstat/jmxstat.jar allows command line polling of JMX attributes. Combined with reporting.spawnAndMonitor(), Java processes can be monitored during load tests.
  • Add 'header-code' statistic which counts number of responses with different values for a given header. For instance, this can be used to graph cache misses/hits from Squid responses using the X-Cache header.

Bug Fixes:

  • config: Add 'nodeload/config' module for configuring global parameters
  • multiloop: polling time for next change in load or user profiles was always 1 second
  • stats: Fix one-off error in Histogram.percentile wouldn't return the greatest number if it is greater than the number of buckets (i.e. in extra[]). Fix Uniques.clear() to actually reset count.
  • nl.js: #issue/5: nl.js discarded URL query string and hash

v0.2.0 (2010/12/01)

This release is a substantial, non-backwards-compatible rewrite of nodeload. The major features are:

  • npm compatibility
  • Independently usable modules: loop, stats, monitoring, http, reporting, and remote
  • Addition of load and user profiles

Specific changes to note are:

  • npm should be used to build the source

      [~/nodeload]> curl | sh     # install npm if not already installed
      [~/nodeload]> npm link
  • nodeload is renamed to nl and nodeloadlib to nodeload.

  • addTest() / addRamp() / runTest() is replaced by run():

      var nl = require('nodeload');
      var loadtest ={ ... test specications ... }, ...);
  • remoteTest() / remoteStart() is replaced by

      var nl = require('nodeload');
      var cluster = new nl.LoadTestCluster(master:port, [slaves:port, ...]);{ ... test specifications ...});
  • Callbacks and most of the globals (except HTTP_SERVER and REPORT_MANAGER) have been removed. Instead EventEmitters are used throughout. For example, run() returns an instance of LoadTest, which emits 'update' and 'end' events, replacing the need for both TEST_MONITOR and the startTests() callback parameter.

  • Scheduler has been replaced by MultiLoop, which also understands load & concurrency profiles.

  • Statistics tracking works through event handlers now rather than by wrapping the loop function. See monitoring/monitor.js.

v0.100.0 (2010/10/06)

This release adds nodeloadlib and moves to Dygraph for charting.

v0.1.0 to v0.1.2 (2010/02/27)

Initial releases of nodeload. Tags correspond to node compatible versions. To find a version of node that's compatible with a tag release do git show <tagname>.

For example: git show v0.1.1