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- Console
- Update test spec on real data
- Adding a master node should add its slaves
- Really "add" a node (ping and connect to it)
- Running / stopped indicators for each node
- Start & stop any node
- Fire up nodeload on a new machine
- Send a test script to run on any node
- Interactive console for each node
- Edit test spec and "restart" (stop existing jobs / start updated test)
- Clean up removed nodes properly
- Download data as csv
- Console webpage (stats)
- Console webpage (node manager)
- Add mem, disk io read + write + wait monitoring
- Remote testing should also aggregate summary-only stats (e.g. uniques)
- Use stats.StatsGroup in monitoring and remote
- Update READMEs
- Write a DEVELOPERS doc that explains the components
- Add zipf number generator
- Download/copy data in CSV
- Allow output directory to be customized
- Add support for bar graphs
- Methods for graphing histograms
- Allow graphs to be overlayed
- Use agents for concurrent connections
- Label Y axes
- Add customizable notes section to summary page