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Satis-go is a web server for hosting and managing your Satis Repository for Composer Packages

Some Highlights:

  • Satis-go provides a simple user interface for managing the repositories you want to track in your Composer package repo
  • Repo generation is delegated to Satis so your package repository will stay up to date with composer specs
  • No database required: the satis config file is managed directly while still managing writes and reads safely
  • RESTful API so you and integrate this into your CI

Getting Started


More here

Start the server


Manage your satis repo

Just navigate your browser to (http://localhost:8080/admin) and start adding repos. They will automatically populate in your custom repo: (http://localhost:8080)

Set up a web-hook script to refresh your repo on commit/push

Use the REST api to refresh your repository:

curl -X POST http://localhost:8080/api/generate-web-job


install satis to your path like above (or use the supplied make target)

make satis-install

get a copy of the admin ui; you can store this in your checkout of satis-go

make admin-ui

get your go deps

make deps

start building

go test ./...
go build
./satis-go -config config-local.yaml