A rack middleware to allow for accessibility on any page.
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"Accessibility is just a flag in the flash compilier"

Run this rack based middleware in your application, add a querystring of ?accessible=YOUR_PHONE_NUMBMER to the URL and a Amazon mechanical turk worker (HIT) will call you to explain the image based content of the web site to you.


At Edge of the web (#eotw) an Adobe representitive said the above statement, I cringed and so did a few people around the audience. Accessibility is far more than 'a flag' as I'm sure anyone can appreciate. (even Adobe workers?)

Later, over drinks I decided that we needed a rack middleware to enable such awesome accessibility for any rack powered web application.

How to run it

Drop this rack middleware into your rails or rack based ruby application using "run AE":

use AE, :aws_access_key_id => "abc", :aws_access_key => "123", :sandbox => true


No. It really become tiresome listening to adobe respresentivtives blatantly pushing their anti-web bullshit on to the audience of a web based conference.


  • Ruby (1.8.6+)
  • Rturk (gem install rturk)
  • Rack