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This repository contains scripts that will generate a pristine copy of It uses a collection of arcane python scripts supplied by the W3C, and my own Ruby scripts that remove cruft.

To build your own copy, checkout this repostory, you'll need:

  • Ruby (any version)
  • Python (2.4+)
  • Subversion
  • LibXML2

To install dependencies:

bundle install
pip install -r requirements.txt

Run make clean then make to produce the required contents (final output is written to the public directory) The contents of public are exactly what I have deployed to

If you're hoping to contribute to spec content, you'll need to talk to Hixie, as for styling and display of this content, I'm your man… and this is the repo.

Want to get involved?

Fork this project on Github, use detailed commit messages and ensure that you provide enough detail in your pull request that I can understand what you're doing and why.


To the extent possible under law, Ben Schwarz has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to Design of developer specification. This work is published from: Australia.