Library to access flickr api ( ) It follows closely the syntax described there.
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= Flickraw

Flickraw is a library to access flickr[] api in a simple way.
It maps exactly the methods described in {the official api documentation}[].
It also try to present the data returned in a simple and intuitive way.
The methods are fetched from flickr when loading the library by using introspection capabilities. So it is always up-to-date with regards to new methods added by flickr.

You can read the class documentation here : FlickRaw.

The rubyforge project :

= Installation
Type this in a console (you might need to be superuser)
 gem install flickraw

You can recreate this documentation by typing this in the source directory:
 rake rdoc

= Usage

 require 'flickraw'

 list   =

 id     = list[0].id
 secret = list[0].secret
 info = :photo_id => id, :secret => secret

 info.title           # => "PICT986"
 info.dates.taken     # => "2006-07-06 15:16:18"

 sizes = :photo_id => id

 original = sizes.find {|s| s.label == 'Original' }
 original.width       # => "800"

See the _examples_ directory to find more examples.

= Notes
If you want to use the api authenticated with several user at the same time, you must pass the authentication token explicitely each time.
This is because it is keeping the authentication token internally.
As an alternative, you can create new Flickr objects besides which is created for you. Use to this effect.