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HTML5 (Edition for Web Authors)
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About this repo

The contents of this repo are build tools for generating the document HTML5 (Edition for Web Authors), a strict subset of the HTML5 spec that omits UA implementation details and that is targeted toward Web authors and others who are not UA implementors and who want a view of the HTML specification that focuses more precisely on details relevant to using the HTML language to create Web content.

This repo does not contain the generated HTML for the actual document; instead it is just the actual build system you can use to generate a copy of the document on your own (if you care to try).

It's not a particularly pleasant or easy-to-use build system, and it's also quite slow. But I guarantee you it does actually work— as long as you the right dependencies (and some time on your hands).

I'm also not planning to ever provide any actual documentation on how to use it. If you try it and run into problems or have questions, you'll find all the answers by reading the source of the Makefile within.

Note that the versions of anolis and the spec splitter from the html5lib project are included in this repo just for the sake of convenience. If you make the "distclean" target, it will remove the anolis and html5-tools subdirs, but then the build process will subsequently re-download and patch them before using them.

Michael(tm) Smith

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