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Its like a VCR for the web that you can take on the plane with you
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OpenURI Recorder

What does it do?

captures your openuri "gets" and executes them with curl (cli), the response (including headers) is then saved in plain text files with a manifest for you to work out what goes where later.

This is so that you can quickly ascertain all of your openuri queries for use with "fakeweb". Handy if you're trying to add fixtures / local http for before a flight.


I had 30 minutes spare and I needed to get all the remote web service calls together for my app before a 20 hour flight.

How to use it

require 'openuri_recorder'

Thats it! Don't use it with anything else that overrides openuri or else it probably just won't work properly. Files will be dumped into a directory named open-uri-recordings with a MANIFEST for you to peice together.

Fakeweb allows you to register urls and return a whole response (like the one this library will record for you) using: Fakeweb.register_uri("http://fake.tld/page", :response => '/path/to/your/response')

I suck, there are no specs.

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