Bare install with Apache fails due to the recommended dependencies #2

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look commented Apr 15, 2010

Hey, I just ran into a problem running the Apache install on a bare slice with nothing on it.

Sprinkle decided that apache_etag_support was the first thing that should be installed, I think because apache recommends it. This fails because there's no Apache installed on the server yet.

I commented out this line:

recommends :apache_etag_support, :apache_deflate_support, :apache_expires_support

And everything worked.

This is with revision 9672cb7 of passenger-stack and sprinkle 0.3.1.


That is strange! As far as I know, recommends comes after the dependency.
I've tested this pretty throughly. Without looking, I'm not so sure about this one. I'll report back.


Marcus says "optional packages are installed after the main package".
I'd be happy to accept a patch on this one. I don't have alot of spare time this week.

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