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Install Bower packages from within Sublime
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Bower, for Sublime Text

This is a plugin for Sublime text, it will allow you to install packages via Twitter's Bower tool.

Want to learn about the available packages? Check Bower components

How to use

Run the command "Bower install" to get a list of packages from the canonical bower repository. Packages will be installed the current working directory.

Want to know more about Bower, or this plugin in action? Checkout my screencast.


  • Install bower using NPM: npm install bower -g
  • Ensure that the bower binary is available in your path (type bower into your Terminal / Command prompt)
  • Install msysgit (Windows only)

Sublime Package Control allows you to easily install or remove sublime-bower (and many other packages) from within the editor. It offers automatically updating packages as well so you no longer need to keep track of changes in sublime-bower.

  • Install Sublime Package Control (if you haven't done so already) from

  • Bring up the command palette (default ctrl+shift+p or cmd+shift+p) and start typing Package Control: Install Package then press return or click on that option to activate it. You will be presented with a new Quick Panel with the list of available packages. (Search for "Bower")

Alternately, instead of using Package Control, you can manually install sublime-bower (be aware, you'll have to fetch updates yourself):

On Mac OS X, in your Terminal:

  cd ~/Library/Application\ Support/Sublime\ Text\ 2/Packages
  git clone git:// Bower

On Windows, inside a command prompt (cmd.exe):

  cd "%APPDATA%\Sublime Text 2\Packages"
  git clone git:// Bower


  • Works on Sublime text 2 & 3
  • Works on Mac, Linux & Windows


  • Check the issue list to find something to help with
  • Add any implementation queries, ideas or psudeo code
  • Fork the project, work in a topic branch
  • Send a pull request
  • You the boss now, dawg



Licenced MIT.

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