Tools to make git on the terminal a little more pleasureable
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About this fork

This is Jake Archibald's (@jaffathecake) Git Convenience, with one simple change: n00bs, and others, might not want Git Pull to use --rebase (I tried reading about it, really I did - and I almost get it - but for now, I want the lazytimes without wrapping my head around using --rebase day-to-day ).

I've also added the 'gwut' command, to print a list of the Git Convenience commands and symbols used at prompt - this may not work on everything as it relies on bash (I'm new...)

Convenient bits & bobs for Git

Git out-of-the-box isn't your best friend, git-convenience pulls together a few tools that make it that little bit more friendly. You get:

  • Tab auto-completion
  • A more useful command prompt
  • Shortcuts to common operations

Works on OSX, Linux & Windows git-bash.

Gimmie gimmie gimmie

Trial it in your current terminal session:

eval "$(curl -L trial"

If it works for you, have it in all your terminals:

eval "$(curl -L"


  • gwut - List all Git Convenience commands and prompt meanings.
  • gs - git status
  • gaa - git add --all - Add all changes (including untracto staging
  • gc "Message" - Commit all changes (except untracked) message
  • goops - Add changes to previous commit & edit comessage
  • gp - Pull then push - does not use --rebase (read 'About this fork')
  • gup - Pull (not via --rebase - see 'About this fork')
  • glog - Decorated & graphed log
  • gdiff - A word-diff of changes
  • gclean - Compress & garbage collect data store

If you've installed the wonderful git-up (which you should), it'll be used instead of git pull.


Prompt screenshot

The prompt shows the current branch & among other helpful things:

  • * - Uncommitted changes
  • + - Staged changes
  • % - Untracked files
  • < - You're behind the origin
  • > - You're ahead of the origin
  • <> - You've diverged from the origin
  • = - You're up-to-date with the origin

Other tools & props