Build sunrises for Philips Hue bulbs
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Sunrise Hues: Build sunrises for Philips Hue bulbs


Philips Hue lights are a fun technology: wireless programmable LED light bulbs.

I use them to simulate sunrise at an earlier time than the sun actually rises. This gives me a stimulus to awaken that is gentler than a radio or buzzer, but still seems to get me out the door on time.

There are many apps that control Hue bulbs, but none of them do exactly what I want, so I decided to build my own. Philips provides a device that joins your home's wifi and which contains a little tiny web server. I can control my lights via the REST api.

This app is specialized to just build sunrises and install them as a schedule in my bulbs. The UI lets you design a gradient, try each color out on the lights, and view an accelerated in-browser animated preview.

Running locally

Clone the repository, npm install && bower install, grunt serve Then visit http://localhost:9000

Right now the app has hardcoded Philips configuration:

  • assumes the bridge is at
  • assumes you are authenticated as user newdeveloper
  • assumes that you have 3 lights If you need to change these settings, edit app/scripts/services/hue-service.js

To run tests, grunt test... but note that there are no meaningful tests yet; there are just enough tests to demonstrate that karma and requirejs are working.

Next steps:

  1. Allow configuring what time to start the sunrise

  2. Install the schedule in the bulbs

  3. Allow configuration of the hue connection

  4. Allow configuration of the times