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=== 1.2.0 / 2009-06-23
* 26 minor enhancements:
* Add load_metadata flag to PNG.load to extract dimensions and depth.
* Add pure-ruby versions back for png_join and png_crc.
* Added Canvas#composite(canvas, x, y, style) with overwrite, underlay, overlay, and blend.
* Added Canvas#each, passes x, y, color.
* Added Canvas#extract.
* Added Color#|, Background color is effective false.
* Added Font#coordinates and cached each letter when extracted.
* Added PNG::load_file.
* Added reader tests.
* Added tests for PNG::Font.
* Added tests for PNG::load.
* Added to/from hsv methods to Color.
* Clean up tests to remove duplication.
* Cleaned up Color#to_ascii to make much easier to read and extend.
* Cleaned up a fair amount of code, removing as many raw literals as possible.
* Color#blend is a simple averaging algorithm now.
* Extended reader to include RGB as well, paving the way for grayscale.
* Fake support for RGB as well as RGBA (default alpha to 255).
* Made reader work again (was flipped and all sorts of broken).
* Split out reader.
* Switched to minitest.
* Time to refactor PNG::Font to use #extract and #composite...
* Updated Rakefile to new hoe capabilities.
* Updated manifest.
* metadata_only now cleaner.
* read_IHDR now returns height, width instead of a canvas.
* 3 bug fixes:
* Fixed example/lines and added text.
* Fixes for 1.9.
* Ignore color profile if it exists (fixes problems on osx screenshots).
=== 1.1.0 / 2007-03-26
* 4 major enhancements:
* Fixed and incorporated Dominik Barathon's optimizations.
* Wrote inline methods for png_crc and png_join. Now about 15x faster overall.
* Basic PNG loading.
* Reoriented x/y origin to bottom left. This will break things!
* 3 minor enhancements:
* Awesome ascii art patches from Tom Werner: Canvas#inpsect, Canvas#to_s, Color#to_ascii.
* Switched to Hoe.
* PNG.pie_chart from png/pie.
* 1 bug fix:
* Fixed bug in PNG::Canvas#each.
=== 1.0.0 / 2006-09-31
* Birthday!
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