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Migrate ioTabs out of App
Refactor code and database structure for 'Data' feature
Four Tables:
Data Types Name, Description
Data Objects Name, type_id
Data Fields Name, data_type (i.e. int, select_box, float, etc )
Data Items obj_id, fields(comma separated list of field ids), data (comma separated list of corresponding data objects)
(& join table for types to fields)
Refactor User / User admin code
Create controllers for Roles, permissions, groups, and departments
Consider refactoring permission structure to only user groups and roles (instead of groups, roles, and permissions)
Finish StickyController
Make restful
Move logout code to application.rb and fix routing
Index controller is not needed, move it to HomeController and use it for home view. Use for un-protected home page.
RSpec - Replaces Test::Unit
Focused on Behavior
Cucumber - Integration tests
Shoulda + Mocha - Mocks and stubs - Probably don't need shoulda.
Restrictions Controller needs work and testing
Make printing feature more flexible
Different Formats (CSV/XLS, PDF)
Send file to browser instead of email
Convert from PDF:Writer to Prawn
Fix Awkward Namespaces
Rename Support Controller
Remove Taskr4Rails, replace with whenever plugin