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A free CMS for photo galleries (PHP 5/CodeIgniter)
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Gallery CMS


GalleryCMS is a free image gallery CMS based on the CodeIgniter 2.1 framework. It is an easy-to-use image gallery CMS that generates JSON and XML feeds that image galleries can consume.


  • Multiple image uploader
  • Drag and drop ordering
  • User management
  • Feed organizer


  • PHP >= 5.2
  • MySQL Database
  • GD2 Library enabled


  1. Create a MySQL database.

  2. Edit application/config/database.php and enter your database credentials.

  3. Upload to your webserver.

  4. Navigate to the URL of which you uploaded the application and complete the registration. Creating your account will generate all of the database tables and finish the installation.

Known Issues

PNG Uploads fail. This is a known CodeIgniter 2.1 issue.

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