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Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) management for Django apps

This Django application provides the ability to create and manage lists of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), organized by topic.

This project is still under development, though several medium-to-large websites are currently using it in production. The plan is to get a stable version with a full test suite and documentation out the door in the coming months.


Below are tasks that need done, features under consideration, and some reminders for the future.

  • Write tests for faq.
  • Wire up testing on
  • Write tests for haystack bits.
  • Write general documentation, and specifically,
    • The change of modified date field behavior. (Dropped null=True, now has a date upon creation.) Write migration if necessary.
    • Document removal of custom template name field on Topic. (The feature made little sense given the various URL/view setups.) Write migration if necessary.
    • Note supported versions of Python, Django, and Haystack.
  • Put documentation on


  • Create a better interface for ordering questions within a topic.
  • Consider if/how to add ordering to Topics. (This is complicated because of site relations.)
  • Consider making the requirement for django.contrib.sites optional.

In the future, when dropping Django 1.2 support

  • Update to class-based generic views
  • Move from to model validation?


A Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) management application built with Django.




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