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Digital Ocean Dynamic DNS-Updater


Allows the dynamic updating of an 'A' or 'AAAA' record that is managed by Digital Ocean's DNS servers.

Liberated From:

The original script and idea (i.e. the brains behind the whole thing) were lovingly taken from ''.

However it was written using Python v2, I had installed v3 so adapted the script as best I could. I then decided it would be cool to also convert it into PHP (I know at least 1 other person that would find it useful) so that's what I did, enjoy!


Provide your API key, the domain you want to update and the 'Record' for that domain and schedule the script to run however often you want (using, for example, the Windows Scheduler or a cron job).


My home server has a sticky IP, I want to be able to connect to it remotely using:

I'd create an 'A' record in DO with the hostname 'home', under the domain '' and while I was there retrieve my 'Personal Access Token'.

Example Usage:

The PHP script has been designed to be called as a command line tool. Config is passed into it in the form of CLI parameters, for example:

php updater.php accessToken domain record recordtype

python accessToken domain record recordtype

where 'accessToken' is your 'Personal Access Token', 'domain' is the domain name you want to update (e.g:, 'record' is the value of the record you want to update (e.g: home), and 'recordtype' is either A or AAAA.

Thanks to:

@surfer190, @nickwest, @gnoeley, @ryanwcraig, @c17r for adding additional features, testing code and feedback.