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A PHP Wrapper Interface for the PDFTK command line utility (the manipulation of PDF files)
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A PHP library to that creates an interface for the PDFTK (PDF-Toolkit) command line interface (

A simple PSR-0 compliant library, this project will build and run the typical command line parameters used to merge and modify PDFs.

Note: If your looking for the simpler non PSR-0 compliant module, then you can download the tagged 'v1' commit.

Example Code:

//Initiate autoloader

use Pdftk\Pdftk;

$oPdftk = new Pdftk();
$oPdftk ->setInputFile(array("filename" => $path . 'example.pdf', 'start_page' => 2))
        ->setInputFile(array("filename" => $path . 'example2.pdf', 'rotation' => 90))
        ->setInputFile(array("filename" => $path . 'example2.pdf', 'password' => 'password', 'alternate' => 'odd'))


Implemented Functionality:

  • Page Rotation
  • Adjustable encryption level
  • Open Password Encrypted PDFs
  • Create Password Encrypted PDFs
  • Use implicit pages or a range
  • Use alternate pages (odd or even)
  • Rotate pages
  • Output the PDF to the browser or a file



This library requires no additional software beyond a functional version of PHP 5.3 (or greater) and version 1.45 of the pdftk binary (remember to update the binary location if its not in /usr/local/bin).

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